Winning A Mental
Health Battle Requires

A Strategy and

A Plan ...

I Have A Plan!

Is This You?

You Aren’t Alone

You wake up every day wondering if things will ever change?

It wasn’t always like this. And now, you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder, how did I get here? What is wrong with me? Why am I so unhappy and depressed? Yikes, if people knew the thoughts inside my head, I’d be locked up for sure.

Every day starts with a long list of to-do’s and it feels like other people are checking those things off their list just fine. Deep inside, you wonder, are they really that happy or are they faking it?

i've been where you are

The Struggle is Real...

Chances are if you are reading this, you might be feeling depressed. Maybe you know you have symptoms of PTSD. Possibly, you’re in denial because the honest truth of what you are facing seems too much to bear. The honest truth, yes, the truth that if your supervisor, Chief, Sergeant, friends, employees or the pastor you serve alongside knew the truth, you’d probably lose your job. REAL FEAR. And if not fear of losing your job, at least their respect

Possibly it’s your pride. After all, there are thousands of therapists and doctors who can help you, right? If not your pride, maybe you truly have tried everything you know to do and you don’t know what to do nextDo you worry if you can trust those who are supposed to “help you?” 

Did you know there are thousands of people walking around feeling the way same as you?

Are you ready to find relief?

I know how hard this step is to make

helping you win your mental health battle

Hi I Am Jennifer...

It’s my life’s purpose to equip high-functioning leaders, first responders, veterans and those who love and support them with real solutions to win their mental health battles.

When I was in the midst of my battle with suicidal ideation, I was convinced that my daughters were better off without me. It didn’t happen overnight, but with help, I found my way out of that darkness.

Then, in 2004 my husband and daughter were killed in a tragic car crash. My diagnosis of PTSD followed a year later and I went on disability. And still, in 2012, I went on to survive traumatic brain surgery

Since then, I’ve fought my way off disability and continue to help countless thousands fight and win their battles with grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD and thoughts of suicide.

I've truly faced The deepest Darkness...

Are you ready to Win The Mental Health Battle you are facing?

What if you could...

Start Today and Get Somewhere New...

For the past ten years, I’ve been speaking, teaching and working with individuals who are facing adverse life challenges. Winning a mental health battle is complex and not an overnight fix, but it is possible. 

What if together we could create a strategy and a plan to help you win the battle that you are facing?

The key To Success Is A Plan

Do You Have A Plan?

I have a PLAN...

As Your Coach-

I understand the battles you are facing are complex and unique to you.

For years I have used my powerful intake form to help individuals just like you get clear on what the next best step is FOR YOU. 

Hear me when I say, your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

The last thing I want is for you not to reach out for fear of losing your jobIf you are driven like me, you don’t like to lose. You can know, I’ve got your back.

I’m honored to work with those of you who already know what it means to persist, encompass moral courage and embody that NEVER QUIT Spirit.

When my PTSD was at it’s worst, I felt weak and if I’m being honest, I hated that feeling. If you are struggling silently, chances are, you hate that feeling too.

Are you ready to join the hundreds of others who have now won their mental health battle? Then let’s create YOUR strategy and plan today.

Every successful business owner, team, and player knows the importance of having a plan. Winning a mental health battle is no different. Nowhere along the way did someone offer me a plan on how to successfully navigate the battle I was facing. That is why I created one."

Work With Jennifer

As A Coach

Suffering Silently Ends Here...

Grab a copy of my book today!

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Please don’t wait for things to get worse. 

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Not quite ready to work with me or another professional yet? You have my guarantee that if you go through this course and finish it- you will be better for it.


Reach out today if you are looking to have a dynamic speaker come and change the lives of those who need these life saving resources.

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Giving Up Is Not An Option

I remember when I was in a full on battle with suicidal ideation. My thoughts were, “Your daughter’s are better off without you. Things will never get better.”

Don’t Give Up- 

As a U.S. Veteran and career firefighter, I’ve been around friends and colleagues who have struggled with different “demons,” even lost some…I myself struggled with diagnosed PTSD from issues relating to the job. I met Jennifer Tracy on LinkedIn and was impressed with the work she was doing for the “badge”. She calls herself a civilian, but to me… she’s as much a badge as anyone I have ever met. I thought I knew Jennifer Tracy well, until I read her book and really just took in her story. I know tragedy, I’ve seen many of its faces, but Jennifer is just one of those rare people that took on more than any one person’s share of grief…of pain and said no you won’t beat me. I encourage everyone to read her story if anything to appreciate what you have. If you are one of those people that are struggling or have struggled out there, and there are many of us these days…then this should be required reading.
Steven Straight
CCAI President/Veteran/Fire Fighter
Jenifer Tracy's words in this book speak life and inspire you to change. She understands the complexity, brings the unseen enemy to life, and empowers you to face your battle head-on.
"Such a well-written book. Not only a story of survival and triumph but a book that will help guide you through your own path as well. Jennifer Tracy speaks her truth in this book. It is an experiential workbook that will help many people. Not only those struggling with grief, depression, and thoughts of suicide but for all of us. Jennifer’s heart is in this book and her mission is to see that it will give others hope. In my opinion, she attained that in this book. I highly recommend “From the Deepest Darkness to the Light of Hope”
Robyn Spirtas, Ph.D

Stop Struggling Silently

"If you want to win your mental health battle, don't leave here without grabbing these life changing resources. We are not meant to win these battles alone."
David Arthur

Work With Jennifer


Keynotes & Workshops Are Tailored to Each Unique Department

"Jennifer spent three days with our line firefighters presenting two excellent presentations... Call For Back-Up & Keep Moving. Both equipped our firefighters with information to assist in dealing with the day to day stresses of the job. I highly recommend every Fire Fighter and First Responder have the chance to attend these.”
Chief Charles
Berthoud Fire District

Suffering Silently Ends Here...

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