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Let’s take the first step together and win that battle you are facing.

Lives Transformed​ Through Workshops, Speaking Engagements & Coaching
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I've been where you are

As Your Coach...

How Coaching Works

My Mental Health/ Professional Coaching is… 

  • A strategy and plan where we take seriously the battle you are facing.
  • A strategy and plan designed to make the unseen enemy become seen.
  • A strategy and plan crafted to get you unstuck and moving forward in life.
  • A strategy and plan that can lead you to discover how to take the tools you already have and use them in new ways.
  • A strategy and plan designed to help you save your job, marriage, and life.
  • A strategy and plan that looks at all areas of your life. Mental, emotional, and spiritual, physical, and occupational.

Over the past decade I’ve had the honor of working personally with several thousand individuals, organizations, schools, and non-profit organizations helping them grow, gain perspective, and learn how to successfully navigate anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation and hopelessness.

you are not alone

What Professional Coaching Is Not:

"A good Coach knows that failure is part of the process. Their real superpower is in the ability to empower others to stay focused on the end game so they can win. To win, you must learn the importance of teamwork, practice the daily actions that lead to success, and tap into the inner strength. As your coach, I'm here to remind you of these things." Jennifer Tracy

What People Say Are Saying

Client Testimonials

real problems- real Solutions

How I Help...

  • I specialize in providing solutions that are unique to you! No one person is alike.
  • My goal, as your coach, is not only to support you through this process and get you to where you want to be – my ultimate aim is to empower you so that at some point, you no longer need me the way you do right now.
  • When we work together, your problems become mine. Because of the attention I bring to each session, I can only accomplish this with clients ready to do this type of work.




Start Today- Get Somewhere New

More About my Coaching Packages:

My coaching style focuses on a collaborative, interactive approach where some of the work is done in between sessions to maximize the effectiveness of our time spent in sessions. (Packages include access to an online course portal and ongoing communication)

All sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom and last 45-60 minutes. 

Wondering if coaching is right for you? 

Can I be very honest with you?
This Step- Right Here!
It's one of the hardest ones to make.

I promise there is no pressure on my side.
If you want someone to push you and help you win the battle you are facing then take this next step...

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