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Jennifer's message is not what you’d expect from a woman whose life seemed "over" just a decade ago.

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“I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer Tracy for almost 8 years… Jennifer has presented at several public and private events that I have been at and each time I am blown away by her life story and drive to help others. Her passion and motivation encourage me to continue to work hard to make positive changes. I encourage people to have Jennifer present her message as I know it will inspire others as it has me. Keep up the great work Jennifer!”

Shane Hasebroock-Fort Collins Police Officer

What can you accomplish in 3 hours? How about saving the lives of your First Responders, those in Emergency Services and our Military.

Are their members in your workplace that are suffering silently? Help your employees by identifying the potential signs and symptoms of PTSD. Choose a preventive approach for the sake of your employees and their families.

Change Social Stigma

Change the social stigma by improving department culture.

Solutions for Mental Warfare

Help your team ADD emotional and mental conditioning to their daily routine.

Learn From Someone Who's been There

Learn from someone who's been there and has personally overcome overwhelming adversity.​

Save Your Department Money

Increase productivity in the work place.

Solutions for The Home front

Reduce personnel issues by addressing stress in the home and work environment.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Be proactive and address the ever present emotional trauma associated with this line of work.

Participants will be empowered to move forward as they learn from Jennifer’s personal experience with EMDR, therapy, medication, self-help practices and techniques she’s developed herself.

"Call For Back-Up" is your front line defense to combat the long term effects in a line of work that can cause mental/emotional stress disorders.

Law Enforcement ...


Jenifer Tracy’s words in this book speak life and inspire you to change. She understands the complexity, brings the unseen enemy to life, and empowers you to face your battle head-on.

Abiud (Abi) Montes

Combat Veteran/MGySgt




“Being a police officer, people think that we have great strength and courage to do our jobs. Real strength and courage is to move forward after tragedy and share your story so that others don’t have to go through the same pain”
Randy Carter
Weld County Sheriff
"I highly recommend Jennifer. Her message is powerfully inspiring in how to move forward in the wake of tragedy"
Doug Erler
Director, Justice Services Department at Weld County Government

Your Experiential Workbook

Strategies & Solutions To Build Resiliency While Fighting Mental Health Battles
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