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Jennifer's Story

Scars People Can’t See

Living with PTSD can be painful. Behind the label of depression, anxiety or PTSD is usually pain from trauma, loss, grief, addiction, and much more. …

Jennifer's Story

No Right Answers

For over a decade now, this time of year has been a struggle for me. But honestly, it wasn’t always like that. When my daughters …

Jennifer's Story

Today I’m Thankful I Didn’t End My Life!

I am over the top~~~~~ thankful that in a few days I will share the stage with my beautiful daughter Amber Lynn and cast yet …

Jennifer's Story

Keeping Brittany ALIVE

As I approach the 15-year mark of the passing of Brittany and Brian I have taken the time to think about a lot of things. …

Jennifer's Story

“What Was Her Name? He asked me.”

My heart remains very heavy today. Yesterday, our cities, state, and country recognized a fallen officer from the Adams County Sheriff’s department. It was reported …

From The Deepest Darkness
To The Light of HOPE

Learn strategies and solutions to grow in the midst of adversity.

A Guided Experience!

Strategies & Solutions For Mental Health Battles

When You Change The Relationship That You Have With Yourself, Everything Changes.

We created the “Master Guide To Mental Wellness” because these kinds of battles require a new way of thinking and a range of tools.

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